Orthodontics in Zug

Crooked teeth can not only be aesthetically disturbing, but also impair eating, speaking and proper teeth brushing. In the long term, crooked teeth can cause significant damage, because if teeth bite badly together, they wear down irregularly, which can lead to fractures or even loss of teeth. In addition, problems in the area of ​​the jaw and the jaw joints can occur.

An orthodontist can identify and treat problems early on in cooperation with our dental practice in Zug. Therefore, we work together with various orthodontist in the Zug region.

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With early orthodontic treatment, crooked teeth can be effectively regulated and therefore, more complex treatments can be avoided later. Especially with children, fixed or removable braces are often sufficient to permanently correct misalignments.

The ideal time for an initial orthodontic evaluation is 8 or 9 years of age of the child. In individual cases, earlier treatment may also be indicated.

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Teenager with orthodontic braces