Mouth odour (Halitosis)

With mouth odour (halitosis), mouth and exhaled air smell unpleasant. While morning halitosis is a common phenomenon caused by the nightly decomposition of leftover food and disappears after brushing the teeth, persistent bad breath can be a symptom of a variety of medical problems.

Halitosis is widespread, but is often not noticed by those affected or recognized as a symptom of a disease. In the vast majority of cases, halitosis does not originate in the stomach but in the oral cavity and therefore usually is treated by the dentist. However, it may be necessary to additionally consult an internist for treatment. As in addition to poor dental hygiene, inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa, periodontitis and other diseases occurring in the oral cavity, also stomach and other internal diseases may be the possible cause.

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If your dentists-team determines that the persistent mouth odour is due to poor dental or oral hygiene, it can usually be remedied through improved dental care at home together with professional tooth cleaning.

Mouthwashes and regular tongue cleaning can also reduce the bad smell. If a disease of the oral mucosa or periodontitis is discovered as the cause, the halitosis should be treated together with the underlying disease as well. If a stomach disease is the cause, the required therapy will be determined by an internist.

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Treatment of mouth odour/halitosis at the dentist