Snoring splints: Made by the dentist

Snoring is widespread: around one in four people snores. Those affected often feel tired and unrested. Their partners often also suffer from lack of sleep. Preventing snoring is therefore not only important for your own well-being and that of your partner. It is especially important for overall health, as lack of sleep has negative effects on many areas of mental and physical well-being.

Snoring splints are an effective remedy against snoring. They are worn while you sleep and open the throat area to such an extent that there are fewer breathing difficulties and annoying snoring can be prevented. In collaboration with various specialists in ear, nose and throat diseases from the Zug region, we offer a range of different snoring mouthpiece models, including SomnoDent® , a so-called mandibular advancement splint. As a result of the advance, the lower jaw is gently moved forward by a few millimeters, which results in a tightening of the upper airways and means that the patient can breathe better again, even while sleeping.

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All snoring splints we offer are made of high-quality plastic, offer maximum comfort and are made individually for each patient by the dental technician. In contrast to surgical procedures, a snoring splint is a reversible and adjustable anti-snoring measure. Compared to sleeping masks against snoring, splints are also more comfortable and discreet.

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SomnoDent snoring splint provided by the dentist