Fibroma Removal

fibroma is a benign tumour than can occur in the skin or in the connective tissue. Fibroma can occur at any age, but are rare among adults. They do not only appear externally but also in the oral cavity.

A fibroma that occurs in the mouth is called stimulated or irrigational fibroma, which already indicates its cause. These adhesions arise because of chronic stimulations of a certain part of the skin through tooth fistulae, deep tooth pockets or in case of inflammation of the tooth tip. Such fibromas which develop directly on the gum are called epulis.

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Especially in the oral cavity fibromas can easily be detected. Not all cases require a treatment, as fibromas will also degrade when the irritation fades. But, nevertheless, it is important to have it diagnosed by a dentist, to exclude malign changes. After an exact diagnosis, a fibroma can be removed through excision.

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