Fibroma removal

A fibroma is a benign tumor that can arise in the skin or connective tissue. Fibromas can form at all ages, but are rare in adults. They not only appear externally, but also in the mouth.

Usually, fibromas that occur in the oral cavity are so-called irritation fibromas, which already indicates their cause. These adhesions arise from chronic irritation of the oral mucosa, such as can occur due to dental fistulas, deep gum pockets or root inflammation.

Fibromas are usually quickly discovered by those affected, especially in the oral cavity. Treatment is not necessary in all cases, as fibromas can regress once the stimulus subsides. Nevertheless, it is important to have a careful diagnosis carried out by your dentist in Zug in order to rule it out that it is a malignant change. If a clear diagnosis is made, fibromas can be removed by excision in your dental practice in Zug.

Fibroma removal by dentist at Zahnärzte Neustadt Passage in Zug