Plastic & Glass ionomer fillings

If a tooth is affected by caries, the decay should be remedied – this applies to milk teeth as well as permanent teeth. When curing the decay, the defective tooth substance is removed and the resulting space is filled up with a dental filling material. We use high-quality plastics and glass ionomers as filling materials.

  • Plastic fillings are particularly resilient and durable. They have a very smooth surface that is barely noticeable with the tongue and are tooth-colored. Therefore, they’re mainly used for permanent teeth, but also for milk teeth that will still remain in the child’s mouth for a while.
  • Glass ionomer fillings are much easier to process than composite fillings, but are less durable and have a slightly yellowish color. Therefore, at your dentist in Zug they’re mainly used for temporary fillings, e.g. for milk that will only have a short stay.
Tooth filling made of plastic/ceramic for aesthetic dentistry