Root Canal Treatments

treatment of the root canal can become necessary if bacteria infect it. In most of the cases this happens if caries bacteria have worked their way into the interior of the tooth and started to attack the tooth root – or if parts of the tooth have broken in an accident, so that the tooth root lies open.

A chronical inflammation of the tooth root is not just only too painful but can become a significant risk for the patient’s health if not treated in time. When the inflammation has advanced to the jaw bone it can also lead to serious illnesses of other organs of the body (such as an inflammation of the interior skin of the heart).

In the course of the treatment, the inflamed root canal is cleaned and filled with a special material. The treatment targets the preservation of the tooth. After a successful treatment, it might become necessary to stabilize the tooth through a root pivot and/or a filling, an inlay or a crown.

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