Root canal treatment at the dentist

Treatment of the tooth root may be necessary if it has become inflamed due to bacteria and leads to severe tooth pain. In most cases, this happens when caries bacteria have worked their way into the inside of the tooth and attack the tooth root – or when parts of the tooth have broken off in an accident, leaving the tooth root exposed.

Inflammation of the tooth root (so-called pulpitis) is extremely painful. If not treated in time with a root canal, the inflammation can pose a significant health risk. As soon as the inflammation has spread to the jaw bone, it can also lead to diseases that are dangerous for other body organs, such as inflammation of the inner lining of the heart (so-called pericarditis).

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During the dental treatment, the inflamed root canal is cleaned, provided with a medicinal inlay and finally filled with a special compound. The aim of treatment is to preserve the tooth. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to replace the tooth with a root post and/or a filling, an inlay/onlay or a crown to further stabilize it.

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Root canal treatment of the tooth nerve by dentist