Periodontitis treatment at the dentist

Periodontitis, also known as periodontosis, is an inflammation of the periodontium. The term “periodontium” (from Greek παρα: near, next to, along; οδουσ: tooth) literally means “around the tooth”. The periodontium ensures that the teeth are firmly anchored in the jaw and consists of the jawbone, the gums, the skin of the tooth root and the dental cementum, which represents the outer layer of the tooth root. If one or more of these areas around the teeth become diseased, periodontitis can develop. Treating periodontitis at your dentists in Zug early is essential to prevent negative health consequences.

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In contrast to a simple inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), periodontitis also affects the deeper areas of the periodontium. If left untreated, periodontal disease can jeopardize long-term tooth preservation. As the disease progresses, untreated periodontitis in most cases leads to bone loss, loosening and ultimately even loss of the affected tooth. Periodontal diseases, which also include periodontitis, represent, alongside tooth decay, the greatest threat to dental health and are the most widespread diseases when it comes to long-term tooth preservation.

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Periodontitis therapy at the dentist