Whiten a single tooth – for an evenly radiant smile

If a single dark tooth stands out from the row of radiant teeth, some patients feel insecure and hide their smile. As part of a professional tooth whitening in our dental practice we can whiten your individual dark toothpainless and uncomplicated.

Your dentist in Zug can whiten individual dark teeth using an internal bleaching and thereby professionally restore the original light color of the tooth.

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If a single tooth turns dark, this is an indication that the nerve of the tooth has died. Because in this case, tissue inside the tooth decomposes and waste products are deposited that discolor the tooth. The reason for the death of the dental nerve can be a strong external force impact on the tooth – such as hitting a hard object as a result of a fall or a punch on the tooth. On the other hand, the dental nerve may also die off due to deep caries in the tooth. In addition, teeth often develop a dark discoloration after root canal treatment.
In all of these cases, the cause for the discoloration lies inside the tooth and it is not caused by external deposits (e.g. from smoking, coffee, tea, red wine etc.) on the outside of the tooth.

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The internal or walking bleaching of teeth

What does “internal” bleaching mean? While whit a conventional tooth whitening teeth are treated from outside with a (light-activated) bleaching medium, the tooth is bleached from inside when whitening individual dark teeth with an internal bleaching. The procedure is painless for the patient, since the tooth nerve has already died, resp. the tooth has been root-treated before.

Process of the walking bleach method:

  • The dentist opens the tooth from the invisible inner part and thoroughly cleans the opening.
  • If necessary, the bottom of the opening is sealed with a thin layer of dental cement.
  • The dentist then fills in a bleaching gel and closes the tooth with a temporary filling.
  • The treated tooth is usually lightened only days after the procedure.

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If the desired brightness is not achieved within a few days, the bleaching agent inside the tooth can be renewed at a further appointment and the whitening therefore be intensified. Once the desired brightness has been achieved, your dentist completes the treatment: He removes the temporary closure and provides the tooth with a toot-colored filling.

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How much does an internal bleaching cost?

The costs for an internal bleaching depend on the individual case, resp. the number of applications with whitening gel required until the dark tooth blends in perfectly with the surrounding light-colored teeth. Also the size or expansion of the filling at the end of the treatment may play a role. Generally, the costs for a single tooth bleaching are covered with approx. CHF 500.

Whitening of single teeth in our practice in Zug

We would be happy to advise you in detail if you would like to whiten a single tooth or also several teeth. Use our contact form or get in touch by phone with us! We look forward to helping you achieve a radiant smile with teeth whitening!

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