Diseases of the oral mucosa

Oral mucosal diseases are usually caused by bacteria or viruses. Although they are usually associated with painful inflammation, irritation and swelling, they are harmless in most cases. In order to rule out that it is a malignant disease (such as an oral cavity tumor), you should always have any noticeable changes in the oral mucosa checked by your dentists in Zug.

The more common oral mucosal diseases include herpes infections, aphthae or fungal infections. Although these diseases are painful and can hinder chewing, swallowing and sometimes even speaking, they can be effectively treated with special mouthwashes, creams and other medications.

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The oral mucous membranes are thoroughly examined during every routine dental examination, as early detection is of crucial importance for the subsequent success of treatment, especially in the case of cancer. If a pathological change is detected, a tissue sample (so-called biopsy) is taken if necessary and examined in the laboratory. In this way, the type of illness can be precisely determined and appropriate treatment can be initiated.

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Treatment of disease of the oral mucosa by dentist