General anaesthesia

General anaesthesia (also just anesthesia) is the safest way for patients to be unconscious and therefore free from fear and stress of any kind of dental treatments. Modern anaesthetic methods are extremely safe and reliable.

During anaesthesia, the patient first gets a sedative that makes him sleepy, so that he notices only little of what is going on. A flexible breathing tube is then inserted through the nose into the trachea (so-called intubation), through which ventilation can be precisely regulated. To induce awakening after the treatment, the anaesthetic gas is gradually reduced and finally the breathing tube is removed. With modern anesthetics, the patient responds again just a few minutes after the end of the anaesthesia and can leave the practice after a few hours.

In addition to being suitable for fearful patients, anaesthesia is also considerable for extensive dental surgery such as the simultaneous removal of wisdom teeth or the insertion of several dental implants.

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