Dental Implants: First-class replacement for natural teeth!

When we smile, we automatically appear friendly to those around us. When teeth are missing, many people feel inhibited and smile less. The high-quality dental replacements from your dentists for dental implants in Zug can help patients regain their positive appearance and ensure a safe bite.

A dental implant is the artificial replacement of a tooth root that no longer exists – i.e. the part of the tooth that anchors it in the jaw and is completely or partially covered by gum. The implants are therefore modeled on the natural tooth roots and the dentist can use them to replace lost teeth.

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An implant operation is usually carried out under local anesthesia and, depending on the extent of the procedure, takes a total of around 30 – 90 minutes.

The implant can ensure a secure and tight fit of the dentures, because as soon as the jawbone has grown together with the implant, it can be used to attach fixed dental replacements such as crowns or bridges, or as anchoring of removable dentures such as partial or total prostheses.

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Tooth replacement with dental implants from the dentist