Tooth-colored fillings

If the tooth has been damaged – for example by caries – it can be restored with a tooth-colored filling.

The filling materials used for that not only maintain the unrestricted functionality of the affected tooth, but also restore its external appearance. The modern filling materials made of plastic or ceramic we use in our practice are made in such a way that their color and structure differ only little or even not at all from the color and structure of natural teeth. A damaged tooth can therefore be reconstructed in its original shape and colour.

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  • To repair smaller defects, we use high-quality plastics – so-called composites. In the area of ​​the front and canine teeth in particular, the plastic fillings are usually placed directly in the previously prepared tooth.
  • To remedy larger defects, on the other hand, inserts made of ceramics or ceramic-reinforced plastics – so-called inlays, resp. onlays – are used. This procedure is mainly used in the area of ​​the molars, which are exposed to particularly heavy loads during chewing.

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Insertion of tooth colored filling by dentist