An Anaesthesia (also known as general anaesthesia) is the safest way of being unconscious during the treatment and thus free of any anxiety and stress. Modern anaesthesia methods are extremely safe and reliable.

In case of anaesthesia, the patient is given a strong tranquilizer, which makes him/her already become sleepy, so that he/she does only realize little about the further procedures. Then a breathing tube is introduced through the nose into the trachea (so-called intubation), which enables a precise respiration regulation. To initiate the wake-up process, the anaesthetic is gradually reduced und finally the breathing tube is removed. In case of modern anaesthetics the patient is already awake and able to speak just a few minutes after the termination of the anaesthesia and may leave the practice after only a few hours.

Besides patients with anxiety, anaesthesia is especially chosen for extensive dental-surgical interventions (such as tooth removal or the insertion of dental implants).

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