Jaw Joint Problems / Jaw Cracking

Jaw joint problems (jaw cracking) comprise all complaints that can arise in the area of the jaw joints.
They always occur, when a jaw joint is unable to move smoothly within the joint capsule. A common cause for jaw joint problems is a bad bite of the upper and lower jaws, but may also have rheumatologic reasons like arthritis.

Besides irritations and inflammations of the joints, numerous other complaints might occur together with jaw joint problems. They range from grinding teeth to loss of gum and misaligned teeth. Furthermore a limited opening of the mouth can be the consequence.

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Also complaints like head and neck aches and tinnitus might occur regularly. While chewing, cracking sounds can be heard, which are often the first symptom realized about jaw joint problems.

Jaw joint problems can be treated by correcting teeth misalignments as well as by using teeth protection splints (Michigan Splint).

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