Whitening of individual dark teeth

If the colour of a single tooth has become dark, this indicates that the nerve of the tooth has died, as in that case the tooth disintegrates and waste products are deposited in the tooth which lead to this change of colour. In these cases, the original colour of the tooth can be restored by a professional teeth whitening.

The death of the tooth’s nerve can be caused by strong exterior influences – such as a collision with a hard object after a fall or a punch on the tooth. Also caries deep within the tooth may lead to the nerve’s death.

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In the case of tooth whitening, the tooth is slightly opened from the inside and the interior is cleaned. Then, the ground of the opening is closed with a very thin cement layer. After that the bleaching gel is filled in and the tooth is then closed again. After just a few days, the tooth looks remarkably brighter. If the desired brightness is not attained within a few weeks, the bleaching gel can be applied once again. The intervention is absolutely painless fort he patient as the nerve of the tooth has already died.

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