Snore Splints

Snore splints are used during the sleep. They open the oral cavity as necessary, so that any respiratory blockage is made impossible, and thus any disturbing snoring can be prevented. In collaboration with medical ENT-specialists we offer different snore splint models, among others the SomnoDent® splint, a bottom jaw protrusion splint.

Thanks to this splint, the bottom jaw is pushed forward by a few millimetres. This tightens the respiratory tract and enables the patient’s free breathing during sleep. All snore splints provided by us are made of high quality plastic and offer a maximum of wearing comfort and are produced individually by dental technicians.

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Dr. med. dent. Enrico M. Naldi

Owner / Dentist SSO

Dr. med. dent. Hila Schwarz

Dentist SSO

Dr. med. dent. Emanuel Sauser

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