Fillings made of Plastic and Ceramics

When a tooth has been damaged – e.g. due to caries – it should be restored by a filling.

Filling materials used for this purpose do not only preserve the unlimited functionality of the respective tooth but also recovers its outer appearance. The modern filling materials used by us are made of plastic and ceramics and do not differ at all or only lightly from the colour and structure of the own teeth. A damaged tooth can therefore be reconstructed in its original shape and colour.

For the repair of smaller defects we use high quality plastics – so-called composites. In particular in the field of anterior and canine teeth, plastic fillings are often directly filled into the previously prepared tooth. To remedy larger defects fillings made of ceramics, or plastic enforced by ceramic is used. This method is especially used for molar teeth, which are exposed to great loads during chewing.

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