Gum Problems / Periodontitis

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium, the structure that holds the teeth. It consists of the jaw bone, gums, skin of the dental root and the dental cement (the outer layer of the dental root). In most cases, an untreated periodontitis disease leads to a loss of bone which would then result first in a loosening and finally in a loss of the affected tooth.

Furthermore, periodontitis can cause numerous severe general diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, and also lead to adverse effects during pregnancy.

Periodontitis is, in most of the cases caused by bacteria that settle in the plaque – especially in the spaces between the teeth and at the gingival margin. In contrast to a simple inflammation of the gums, deeper layers of the periodontium are affected in case of a periodontitis. Periodontitis is a chronical disease and can therefore not be healed, but prevented from further expansion.

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In general, a periodontal disease is pain-free and therefore often realized belatedly. Signs for a disease can be bleeding gums while brushing your teeth, pus and secretion from the gingival pockets or loose or badly aligned teeth. If the dentist discovers a periodontitis, it can be treated with a professional teeth cleaning but also with surgical interventions. Furthermore, mouth rinses and the use of local and/or systemic antibiotics are used.

The principal objective of the treatment is the reduction of the bacteria amount and the removal of the inflammation stimulus. Because of its chronical character, the periodontitis requires a regular aftercare.

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