Plastic Fillings / Glass Ionomer

If a tooth is struck by caries, the caries has to be removed – this applies for milk teeth as well as the teeth of grown-ups. When caries is removed, the defective dental substance is cleared up and the resulting gap has then to be refilled. High quality plastics and glass ionomers are used as filling material.

Fillings made of plastic are extremely resilient and durable. They form a very smooth surface, which can hardly be sensed with the tongue and, furthermore, they are tooth-coloured. Therefore they are primarily used for the teeth of grown-ups, but also for those milk teeth, which will remain long enough in the mouth of the child.

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Plastic fillings are embedded with a special bonding agent – an agent that creates a strong bond between plastic and tooth – into the area of the tooth, which has to be repaired and hardened under blue light, so that a permanent tight seal is generated.

Glass ionomer fillings have a significantly easier workmanship, a shorter durability and a slight yellowish colour if compared with plastic fillings. Therefore they are only used for temporary fillings, such as milk teeth, whose remaining life span is very short.

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