Aligner correction of tooth position

Minor irregular positions of the teeth in the front area can be corrected extremely gently – and completely without braces – with an aligner system. In this treatment, transparent and hardly visible tooth splints exercise a gentle pressure to correct the position of the teeth slowly but safely. The tooth splints are produced individually for each patient and are removable. We work with ClearCorrect® from Straumann.


One jaw: from 1’990.- CHF
Both jaws: from 2’990,- CHF

Excluding initial consultation (incl. scans and fotos) and treatment planning (99,- CHF), IPR: interproximal reduction (35.- CHF each) and attachments (50.- CHF each).

If you decide to undergo the treatment, the costs for the initial consultation / treatment planning will be credited to you.

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Dr. med. dent. Enrico M. Naldi

Owner / Dentist SSO

Dr. med. dent. Hila Schwarz

Dentist SSO

Dr. med. dent. Emanuel Sauser

Dentist SSO