Dental Surgery

Dental surgery includes all surgical interventions within the oral cavity, which are carried out by a dentist. Dental surgical interventions that are better known are the removal of the wisdom teeth, dental transplantations, the exposure of retained teeth (i.e. teeth which have not yet broken through the gums at all or at least not completely), the resection of root tips (i.e. the removal of the last millimetres of the root) as well as the removal of cysts and benign tumours out of the jaw bone.

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Further dental surgery interventions are the plastic sinus closure (which becomes necessary when a connection develops between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus), the restructuring of the maxillary sinus as well as plastic correction on the mucosa and at the gums. Finally, also bone and mucosa biopsies (collection of tissue samples for examination) are considered as dental surgical measures.

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