Teeth do not always have the desired uniform bright colour, but appear in a faded dark colour. The colour of teeth is on one hand genetically determined but on the other hand their colour is influenced by high consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco and others. In these cases, the original bright colour of the tooth can be reconstructed by professional bleaching. Either single teeth or the whole set of teeth can be bleached, in accordance to the needs.

Generally two methods exist for the bleaching of teeth:

In the case of the so-called home bleaching the patient is given a plastic splint to be filled with a bleaching agent, which he/she carries in the mouth over a certain period. The bleaching gel is refilled by the patient in regular intervals and thus leads to a gradual brightening up of the teeth.

In the case of the so-called power bleaching the affected teeth are bleached with a highly effective gel at our clinic and the effect is enhanced by a special LED lamp. This leads to an immediate brightening up of the teeth which becomes even stronger within a couple of days.

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